Geographical information

Hidden Locations and Islands


Temperate Forests and Tropical Jungles

Physical description
Beast Type



2 feet


18 to 12 inches


3 feet


6 to 9 pounds

Hair color

Same as a Hare

Feather color

Same as a Jay

Eye color

Brown, Red, Orange or Yellow

Skin color

Same as a Normal Hare or Jay

Birth Style


Miscellaneous information



Mean Neutral

First Appearance

German Mythology

Part of Day


Wolpertinger is a one of the rarest Mash-Up Creatures that even has the strange behavior of being in love with Human Females despite the creature being mostly Hare.

Diet[edit | edit source]

Same as a Rabbit.

Predators[edit | edit source]

Harpies, Sirens and Predatory Sea Life.

Anatomy[edit | edit source]

Looks like a Hare only with a Cotton tail that is longer then most Rabbit/Hares, Antlers like a Roebuck, Wings of a Jay, Hindlegs have the feet of a Duck and have Saber Teeth instead of the constantly growing Lagomorph teeth found in all other Rabbits and Hares. bts

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Wopertingers have many abilities even more then the animals it appears to be mixed with.

  • Flight: Has the ability to fly with its Jay wings.
  • Enhanced Agility: Is just as Agile as a normal Hare/Rabbit.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Has hearing just as good as a Hare/Rabbit.
  • Enhanced Speed: Has the ability to run as fast as a Hare.
  • Enhanced Jump: Can jump as high as a Hare/Rabbit when it cannot Fly.
  • Enhanced Swimming: Can swim better than all other Lagomorphs due to the Duck feet on its hindlegs.
  • Tunneling: Can dig the same as a Rabbit.
  • Immortality: Cannot die of old age.
    • Poison Immunity: Immune to all toxins and diseases.
    • Magic Immunity: Are immune to all forms of magic.
    • Seperation Immunity: Immune to all forms of bodily seperation including molecular since they lack molecules and are instead their entire body is the thing that holds everything including molecules together. Unfortunately this means the wolpertinger cannot teleport and hits portals like a brick wall.
    • Lifeforce Removal Immunity: Immune to Soul, Spirit, Lifeforce, Powers, Brain and Mind being extracted due to them lacking in all except Brain and Mind which are actually fused to the skull which is fused to the muscle which are fused to the skin. The mind cannot be removed due to their mind being completely attached to the brain.
  • Venomous Bite: An ability only used as a Self-Defense where it uses its fangs to poison almost all of its predators.
Power Grid [1]
Magic Durability
Fighting Skills
M.Fighting Skills
* 40

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