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Geological and Chronological information
First Evolved

200 Million Years Hence


The Ocean and The Northern Forests (Which is (Possibly Other Forests)


Ocean Skies and Subtropical Rainforests (Possibly Tropical Rainforests)

Physical description
  • Ocean Flish:Same as a Seagull.
  • Forest Flish:Same as a Wren
  • Ocean Flish:Same as a Seagull.
  • Forest Flish:Same as a Wren.
  • Ocean Flish:Same as a Seagull.
  • Forest Flish:Same as a Wren.
  • Ocean Flish:Same as a Seagull.
  • Forest Flish:Same as a Wren.
Eye color(s)
  • Ocean Flish:Gold
  • Forest Flish:Red
Skin color
  • Ocean Fish:Silver with the fins being Emerald Green with Red Spots.
  • Forest Flish:Chartreuse Yellow with a Bright Blue stripe on back with purple spots inside stripe with fire colored fins that have Blue spots that fade to Complete Blue.
Miscellaneous information

Pangaea 2

First Appearance

The Future is Wild "Global Ocean"


Water and Wind

Genetic status


Flish are the mascot of The Future Is Wild Series.


Ocean Flish[]


Forest Flish[]



Ocean Flish[]

Rainbow Squids

Forest Flish[]

Slithersuckers and Squibbons


The Ocean Flish looks like a silver fish which has gills with the ability to breathe the moisture in air, A Red spotted Emerald Green dorsal fin that is from right above the pectoral fin all the way to the start of the tail, A Silver fluke like claudial fin, Silver "forelimbs" with the rest of the Pectoral Fin is Platinum which fades to cyan the farther back it is and the same coloration is fpund in its pelvic fins which have longer limb like appendadges on fin than forelimb and a Spring Green with Red stripes beak like sheath. Forest Flish on the other hand is way more colorful and more avanced being a Chartreuse Yellow with a Bright Blue stripe from its back to its tail with purples spots that has a Fire colored Dorsal fin that stops at the lower back with Blue spots and stripes, Small external ears, has the ability to breathe air meaning unlike the Ocean kind it lacks gills completely, Has a Fire colored with Blue spots fluke like caudal fin with the middle fin facing vertically like all other fish and is saw shaped, mantis like "legs" that are Chartreuse Yellow with Purple stripes and fins at the back of the "ankles" that have fins that are also Fire colored with Blue spots and stripes and red spikes for "toes", Fire colored pectoral fins with blue spots that fade to complete blue at the tip and a Red with Black tip pointed beak like sheath.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Retractability: An ability found in possibly All (Confirmably the Ocean kind) where they can retract thier mouth from their sheath.
  • Flight: Like birds Flish have the ability of flight with the Forest kind having the most advanced form.
Power Grid [1]
Magic Durability
Fighting Skills
M.Fighting Skills
* Unknown Lifespan
* 21 Possibly More Total

Flish Appearances[]

  • The Future is Wild (Book, "Documentary" and Forest Flish also appear in the Animated Series)


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