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Elves (A.K.A Elf)


  • Minimum:Pacifist (Christmas Elves)
  • Maximum:Evil (Dark Elves)

First Appearance

German Mythology and Folklore


North Pole and Hidden Continents and Islands


Ice Caps, Woodlands (Temperate or Tropical), Tropical Forests, Deserts, Caves and Cities.

Hair Color(s)

All colors

Skin Color(s)

Can Range from Pitch Black to Extremely Pale Pink (Dark Elves are Purple)

Eye Color(s)

All colors (Except White)


Ranges from 0.66 to 3 meters


Ranges from 17 to 250 kilograms


  • Christmas Elves: Ice
  • Wood Elves: Earth
  • High Elves: Light
  • Dark Elves: Dark

Unusual Feature(s)

Pointed Ears

Elves look like a Human with a Slim, Athletic or Muscular Build and V-shaped (Male) and Hourglass (Female) figure. Have leaf-shaped ears are hairless everywhere (Except Hair on the head like humans, eyebrows and eyelashes), males are very Androgynous, just like Merfolk and Type 2 Christmas Elves has beyond flawless perfect fetish fuel level skin, completely lacks wrinkles and deformities, and like Type 2 Christmas Elves and Merfolk has an abnormally attractive face and body. Has completely smooth and wrinkle-free/infinitely way beyond ultimate flawless perfect softest soles and palms with also impossibly soft and smooth skin for the entire body. Have neon cyan blood and muscles, Robin egg blue organs, and bright purple bones but appear normal human color externally although some from other planet versions have human internal anatomy. Both genders usually have smaller hands and feet than most people.

Christmas Elves[]


Consisting of Sweets and any Christmas themed food. Only drink Milk and Eggnog meaning none are Lactose Intolerant.


Since they live in the North Pole their only predators are Akhluts and Polar Bears.


There are 2 types of Elves:

  • Type 1: Elves with Dwarfism
  • Type 2: Elves that stop aging Appearance-wise during Childhood.

Type 1 Description: Short and Slender elves that unlike the other elves can actually grow facial hair, Females are rarely seen and they have Humanlike pointed tipped ears. By far the most popular type of Christmas Elves.

Type 2 Description: Small and Slender elves that look like Children as Teens and Adult, Opposed to Type 1's Type 2's don't grow any hair and are hairless with only Hair on the head like Humans, Eyebrows and Eyelashes, Has the flawless appearance found in Wood and High Elves, Completely lack Wrinkles and Deformities, All have an Athletic or Slim build and have all figures (except Apple). This type like Type 1 has Humanlike pointed tipped ears. As expected have Child voices and Females are way more common than in Type 1's but are flat-chested mostly due to being Childish Appearance wise.

Wood Elves[]


Like humans, they are Omnivorous, but they eat things straight out of nature.




Just like all other elves they look like humans with a slim, athletic or muscular build and V-shaped (Male) and Hourglass (Female) figure. They have leaf-shaped ears, and are hairless everywhere (except for hair on their head, eyebrows, and eyelashes) Males are very Androgynous. They have beyond perfect flawless level skin, it has absolutely no wrinkles or deformities. They are also known for being unnaturally beautiful and attractive. They have completely smooth and wrinkle-free skin. It is beyond flawless. They have soft soles of their feet and palms of their hands, and impossibly soft and smooth skin on the rest of their body. They have neon cyan blood and muscles, their organs are also bright blue and they have bright purple bones, but appear normal looking on the outside. Both genders usually have smaller hands and feet than most creatures.


Wood elves have the powers to control any type of nature example talking to animals or making plants grow.

High Elves[]


They mostly eat human food, although they prefer to drink Merfolk Blood instead of other beverages. They never drink human blood, although it wouldn't be considered cannibalism (since they evolved from an Ovovaviporous) They simply don't hurt humans because it's uncivilized.

All predator animals[]


They have the same anatomy as wood elves, except for their ears, which are a foot long. They are also taller than other Elves. Females have a larger bust size and look like they wear red lipstick, their fingers and toenails also look like they're painted red, only they're naturally that way. High Elves have been known to be Pirates and Ninjas.

Dark Elves[]


Dark Elves mostly eat leftovers

Dark elves are also known to be carnivorous and will eat basically anything put in front of them.


Cerberus and Fenrir are their only Predators.


Same as either Wood or High Elves, only they have purple, extremely pale or dark grey skin. They only have black hair and males aren't as androgynous, unlike the other elf races.

Powers and Abilities[]

Elves of all races have special abilities with some being more powerful than others (Especially between High Elves and Half-Breeds.)

  • Magic: Elves can control certain abilities through will and to many it is considered "Magic".
    • Offensive "Spells"
      • Energy Constructs: The ability to craft tools, objects, weapons, or other items out of ambient energy.
      • Elementumkinesis: The ability to manipulate All Elements even Void through a wall.
      • Reality Warping: The ability to Warp Reality. Make the impossible become possible but can't warp anything containing the structure that holds everything together (Which are many creatures.)
      • Power Absorption: The ability to absorb powers of most except abilities like "Anatomical Liberation" and "Cephalore".
      • Animation: An ability only used by High Elves to bring objects to life.
      • Reanimate: A Dark Elf variant of Animation where they bring a dead person back to life.
    • Defensive "Spells"
      • Summoning: The ability to summon an ally.
      • Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate things with their mind.
      • Malleability: The ability to alter their appearance from information in their genetic code.
    • Other "Spells"
      • Teleportation: The ability to move so fast they look like they're teleporting. Could be considered to technically be Teleportation.
      • Creation: A Christmas Elf ability which they use to make toys.
      • Necromancy: A Dark Elf's ability to manipulate the dead.
      • Voodoo: A Dark Elf ability which they control people using Dolls.
  • Photokinesis: A High Elf's ability to manipulate Light without using magic.
  • Umbrakinesis: A Dark Elf's ability to manipulate Darkness without using magic.
  • Enhanced Attributes: Have all attributes enhanced.
  • Shapeshifting: Have the ability to change appearance into any form (With the limit of only changing into one thing at a time and cannot mimic the appearance of anything with anatomical liberation).
  • Immortality: Since they are better than Humans at everything even their Lifespan/Immune System is too. Meaning they cannot die of "Old Age", Poisoning or Disease.
    • Accelerated Regeneration: Can heal from any form of damage to such an extent they can reattach severed limbs.
    • Decapitation Immunity: A rare ability from any race of elf. Immune to all forms of decapitation and molecular separation and teleportation of all kinds and just like Merfolk they hit against portals like a painted on a brick wall.
Power Grid [1]
Magic Durability
Fighting Skills
M.Fighting Skills
* 67 Total

Elf Appearance[]

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