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Chocobo (A.K.A チョコボ Chokobo)

Bird Type

Galliform or Ratite

Leg Style

Like a Heron only without the middle front toe

First Appearance

Final Fantasy II


All Main Final Fantasy Worlds


Various (Primarily Forests)

Egg Color/Patterns

White without Patterns

Beak Color(s)

Primarily Orange or Yellow (Some are Brown, Red, Black, Grey, Purple, Gold, Blue and Green)

Feather Color(s)

Yellow (Other Vary by Subspecies)

Skin Color(s)

Pink with Orange, Brown, Black, Tan or Grey Legs

Eye Color(s)

Pupiless Blue, Aqua or Brown Irises with White Scleras, or Monochromatic Black Eyes


5 foot 2 inches to 3 meters


2 to 6 meters


3.6 to 5.75 meters


105 pounds to 2.54 tons


Kinda Friendly


  • Earth (All Chocobos)
  • Light (White Chocobos Only)
  • Wind (Red, Green, Black and Gold Chocobos Only)
  • Water (Cyan, Light Blue, Blue, Navy, Black and Gold Chocobos Only)

Egg Shape

Common Egg Shape

Chocobos are the Famous Recurring mascot of the Final Fantasy Series and the titular species of the Chocobo Series that have appeared in all the Final Fantasy Main Series and Chocobo Series, and Almost all the Final Fantasy Spin-Offs.


All Greens (Especially Gysahl Greens)


Chocobo Eaters, Wild Saurian, Antares, Rageclaw and all Carnivorous Creatures of Gran Pulse.


They can evolve into a Light Blue, Red, Navy and Gold Subspecies in Final Fantasy IX. They can be bred into different kinds in Final Fantasy VII and VIII. In Final Fantasy Tactics the Black and Red Subspecies can hatch out of eggs layed by Boco or its kids.


Looks a frendlier version of Gastornis with a fan-shaped tail and large wings. Like stated in the infobox chocobo have Heron like legs but their legs are also somewhat Chicken like and have long sharp knife shaped claws. The coloration is stated in the infobox on the right.

Power and Abilities[]

Lots of the Chocobos abilities are quite famous especially the first ability mentioned on the list.

  • Asterokinesis: They are only Asterokinetic when using the abilities ChocoMeteor and Choco Comet.
  • Geokinesis: Only Green and Gold Chocobos are seen using this ability to walk up mountains no problem.
  • Water Walking: Only Cyan, Light Blue, Blue, Navy and Gold Chocobos can walk on Water.
  • Flight: Only Black Chocobos can Fly.
  • Oneirokinesis: Fat Chocobo has the ability to go into Dreams and affect things by controlling attributes in their dreams.
  • Dimensional Storage: Fat Chocobo has an unlimited amount of items storage.
  • Immortality: Chocobos cannot die of old age.
    • Magicproof: Immune to most appearance altering magic.
    • Seperation Immunity: Immune to all forms of bodily seperation. But unfortunately can be killed by demolecularizing attacks.
    • Lifeforce Removal Immunity: Immune to Soul, Spirit, Lifeforce, Powers, Brain and Mind being extracted (Unless you consider Drain as such).
    • Healing: They only heal when the use the ability Choco Cure and Choco Esuna.
  • Enhanced Speed: Chocobos can run Extremely Fast.
Power Grid [1]
Magic Durability
Fighting Skills
M.Fighting Skills
* 63

Chocobo Appearances[]


  • List of Avion Stats

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  1. List of Avion Stats